'Finish the job' on November 7th

| 28 Sep 2017 | 06:54

    We have two historic opportunities this November 7th.
    We can elect United Monroe candidates Tony Cardone, Mary Bingham and Audra Schwartz. Tony Cardone is running for Town Supervisor. Mary Bingham is on the ballot for Town Council. Mary and Tony are bright examples of the meaning of “civic duty.”
    Tony spends hundreds of hours in his service as councilman. He is well-known for his charitable acts with the “Make a Wish” foundation, and volunteered for several years on the Smith’s Clove Park Commission.
    Mary is a tireless advocate for good government. She has served us for decades on the Monroe Planning Board and Conservation Commission.
    Audra is a practicing attorney who acts with the highest ethical and moral standards. She currently serves alongside Mary, as chair of the Monroe Planning Board.
    By electing these two dedicated individuals to the Town Board, we can shut the door on the reign of Harley Doles. He and his cronies will no longer have their suffocating grip over our town. For the first time in over a decade, a new Town Board can bring sanity and sensibility to Monroe government.
    The question of Kiryas Joel separation will also be on this year’s ballot. If we vote “Yes,” Kiryas Joel will leave Monroe to form their own town. This would leave approximately 200 bloc voters in Monroe. Kiryas Joel’s ability to influence our town elections will be nullified.
    We can free ourselves from the never-ending fight against the Kiryas Joel bloc. This is a battle which we will lose if we do not separate from KJ.
    If Kiryas Joel remains in Monroe, their voting population will become the majority in town by 2021. Our candidates will not win another election. The bloc vote will install the next Harley Doles. Any aspirations to maintain our suburban and semi-rural lifestyles will be set aside. The beneficiaries will be developers who would no longer need annexations to build high-density housing complexes.
    That’s because all 13,000 acres of Monroe, along with the Zoning and Planning boards, would be under the influence of the bloc vote.
    We are at this point today because of you – the voters of Monroe.
    We can only “Finish the Job” with your help. We must not take any election or ballot issue for granted. This is the year to get out and vote as if the existence of our community depends upon it – because it does. Let’s bring sanity and peace to Monroe. Let’s finish the job.
    Vote United Monroe on November 7th.
    Vote “Yes” to Kiryas Joel separation on November 7th.
    John Allegro
    United Monroe