Election integrity

| 21 Jun 2023 | 03:23

    To the Editor:

    As public advocate for Tuxedo Park, one of our jobs is to ensure election integrity for village elections.

    Yesterday morning, upon close inspection, we found that of the 182 absentee votes received by village hall, 31 of them had irregularities of non-compliance with New York State Election Law.

    Some 14 of the 31 absentee votes were cast by people who are not even registered voters, nor were ever registered voters of Tuxedo Park.

    Throughout the day, we urged village hall to separate out such 31 votes, but to no avail.

    We did not wish to resort to a court dispute, but had no choice, as our efforts throughout the day to guarantee a clean election were frustrated by Mayor McFadden.

    At our request, these 31 absentee ballots are currently under review by the State Supreme Court.

    On the other hand, we also found that the remaining 151 absentee ballots cast were indeed valid, and we encourage village hall to open and tally such ballots as soon as practicable.

    Furthermore, contrary to David McFadden’s false accusations, we have no ties or agreements with either candidate, not David McFadden, not Marc Citrin.

    We are merely citizens, and residents of Tuxedo Park who are entitled to a vote not diluted by irregularities.

    In contrast to David McFadden’s Trumpesque election denial, we have absolutely no agreements with Marc Citrin regarding governance of the village.

    We are urging for a quick and honest resolution to this issue, and we shall be keeping you informed accordingly.

    Claudio Guazzoni de Zanett

    Office of the Public Advocate (NGO)

    Village of Tuxedo Park