Colin Schmitt reconsidered differently

| 06 Sep 2022 | 10:09

    To the editor:

    Last week, a Monroe letter writer asked us to reconsider Colin Schmitt.

    Please consider that if Colin Schmitt were an honest public servant, he would have told those bus riders that Trump had lost fair and square. There wasn’t any fraud. Mr. Schmitt could have cited the more than 60 Trump campaign court cases that were dismissed. He could have pointed out that Trump was lying to us.

    An honest Mr. Schmitt could have told those riders that there was no steal and there was no reason to go to a Stop the Steal assembly that was really an Attack the Capital pep rally.

    Get your bags, we are all getting off this bus.

    Also consider that if Colin Schmitt had phoned our neighbor in Goshen and told him those same truths, our Orange County resident would not today be preparing to spend the next ten years in prison.

    Daniel Burke

    Monroe NY