Colin Schmitt disappoints

| 08 Oct 2022 | 01:21

    Colin Schmitt must be desperate to stoop so low to issue a campaign mailer like the one recently sent to voters. Our country is already divided. Does election season really have to be so ugly?

    Schmitt’s mailer is right out of the Republican MAGA campaign play book. Misinform. Spread falsehoods about your opponent. Accuse your opponent wrongdoing to make voters afraid, angry, and hateful. Blame your opponent for our troubles as if it is their fault. Misrepresent your own record and intentions and, if you are successful riling up the gullible, the misinformed and the uninformed, you might be elected to public office.

    Let me be clear. Schmitt is not the “voice” for my family nor worthy of public office. He says he delivered $2.2 billion in property tax relief for us but neither I nor my neighbors got any of that money! Property owners in my school district got a nearly 4% property tax increase this year. His unsupported claim that cashless bail released dangerous criminals from jail is merely his effort to engender fear and infuriate voters. Evidently, Schmitt doesn’t believe in fairness and equality.

    Schmitt’s record shows he voted “No” on every legislative proposal to safeguard our families and children from gun violence, pesticide use at summer camp, our right to vote, women’s health care and right to choose, safe labor practices, and environmental protections against industrial polluters, contaminants, and climate change.

    Schmitt’s mailer is dishonest, unethical, and disappointing. Shame on Schmitt and his campaign.

    Randy Hurst

    Slate Hill