'All politics aside'

| 30 Apr 2020 | 12:52

    Although I tend to disagree with Governor Cuomo on most issues, I would like to recognize his handling of the current health crisis.

    He has worked closely with the health care profession supporting their heroic and miraculous life safety work and I would like to publicly commend those efforts.

    I find it ironic though that Governor Cuomo has taken such a strong leadership role supporting life-saving initiatives, considering when just last year he signed a bill allowing late term abortions.

    He’s also a strong supporter of current euthanasia legislative efforts in our state, ironically enough again, will probably not advance this legislative session due to the current health emergency. The legalization of medically assisted suicide would not only give regulatory control to the state, it would corrupt the healthcare profession - which now valiantly fights to save lives around our nation.

    To those who may condemn this brief essay as taking advantage of a national health crisis to promote a political issue, I would have to respectfully disagree. By its very nature, “life” itself is not political, unfortunately though you must acknowledge that abortion is the most divisive of issue of our generation. But every life has intrinsic value and worth, and should be fearlessly defended and cared for with the same vigor that Mr. Cuomo has clearly demonstrated he has the capacity to achieve during this worldwide pandemic - all politics aside.

    Tom Lapolla