‘A veteran who served with honor’

| 01 Mar 2023 | 01:08

    Dear Residents,

    This week, we lost a member of our community, a man who would walk our ponds in the Village of Monroe to clear his mind and “keep the parts moving” as he would say. An easy talker, who told the best stories, was a member of the Greatest Generation. They were distinguished as those who overcame tremendous adversity, having endured through the Great Depression and served his country with distinction as an Army soldier.

    Vincent “Sonny” Marino passed away on Feb. 25, 2023 at 100 years of age. Sonny, as many called him, was a Veteran of World War II, having served in the 106th Infantry Division in the European Theatre, specifically Belgium, France and Germany and was on the front line, during the infamous Battle of the Bulge, which as a result of that battle, many historians believe was the turning point of the war. Vincent was among the many who served their country and came home to move on with their life.

    Our nation, is forever in his debt, as a veteran who served with honor and as a family man who loved his wife Viola, his two boys, Doug and Tony and his extended family. Our nation is seeing our World War II Veterans pass into time, and we need to acknowledge them and their service to our Nation.

    On Friday March 3, at 10am, a funeral Mass will be offered at St. Anastasia Church in Harriman, N.Y.

    Our veterans deserve our respect, appreciation and devotion, for their service to our country and our way of life. Please join me in honoring this man, this veteran who served with honor and as a member of the Greatest Generation, who was among the many that worked and built this nation as proud Americans.

    God Bless our Nation and God Bless Monroe,

    Neil Dwyer


    Village of Monroe