A public servant who cares

| 22 Oct 2021 | 03:47

    During COVID-19, Woodbury was forced to shut down. Schools, businesses, medical facilities shifted gears to an online platform minimizing human interaction. Some of the populations hardest hit were the youth, senior population and essential workers.

    In the midst of the shutdown, Jacqueline Hernandez initiated the “UR LOVED” project through the Upper Room Youth Program for Essential workers, first responders and Seniors. The UR LOVED project provided youth with an opportunity to connect with Seniors, and to appreciate and encourage our essential workers and first responders through individually prepared gifts.

    Under Jacqueline’s leadership, the UR teens packed 500 snack packs for first responders and 100 comfy gifts for Seniors in Woodbury and Cornwall.

    Jacqueline Hernandez meets the need quickly and efficiently and for that reason I will be voting for her for Town Council on November 2, 2021.

    Susan Barrett

    Highland Mills