3 questions for Monroe officials.

Monroe /
| 27 Dec 2021 | 12:25

    I am a Monroe resident of the past, like 40 years. Or close enough to 40. Anyway, I have three questions for my fellow Monroe residents and government officials.

    1. Do you think we’re ever going to get a light at the intersection of Mine Road and Cedar Cliff Road? Or are we going to let cars keep smashing into each other up there? Just a thought. It’s been that way forever, but that doesn’t mean that’s how it always has to be, you know.

    2. Whatever happened to the plans for dredging the two ponds — in the Village of Monroe’s downtown — so that we can stop the algae from running wild and free like it does every summer? Seems like a particularly pressing problem now that the presence of the Blue-green algae has been detected in recent years.

    3. And finally, the big one: Where exactly was the Republican challenger for Congressman Maloney on Jan. 6? I’ve been told Colin Schmitt was on a bus revving up people who were on their way to the rally in Washington. Did he go too, or did he know what was coming and decided to stay home? Seems like a question he should answer publicly if he’s serious about wanting to run for Congress.

    Listen, Maloney is a ghost nine times out of ten, and the only time you really see him is when the election draws near. But do I want a possible insurrectionist and anti-vaxxer representing me over a useless but relatively sane Democrat in Congress? Most of you rational people reading this know that the answer is no.

    So, let’s get some answers. The election is closer than you think.

    B.J. Mendelson