'Beyond disgusting'

| 23 Feb 2012 | 03:40

    I am aware that there is a “Clean up Monroe Day” in April, but the litter and garbage on our roads today is beyond disgusting, it is unconscionable! This blight expresses a diminished sense of community for which we are all responsible. Recently, my fiancé and I went walking on Pine Tree Road. A one quarter mile stretch on one side of Pine Tree Road yielded four bags of litter. A large percentage of it was liquor and soda bottles. Campaign signs and discarded food containers had the same degraded status. In the village of Monroe, garbage and litter are often left in front of stores. This is more than unappealing and unwelcoming, it is repulsive. Flower boxes are often left unpainted and many times contain litter as well. Landlords, merchants and customers need to all be accountable for the state of our village. Last summer, I was thrilled to see flowers hanging from the lamp posts in the village. Two weeks later they wilted and died from lack of watering. To me this clearly expresses our inability and lack of concern for vitality of our village. Let’s leave politics out of this discussion. This is a social problem. If we each picked up one piece of litter per day …. Can you imagine? I do not doubt that most of us do not litter, and that most of us find the litter abhorrent. I am questioning why we as a community tolerate this neglect and lower standard of living Regardless of politics it is incumbent upon our leaders to be more energetic in addressing this problem. But whether they are energetic or not it is our responsibility. Jaye Moyer Monroe