'Abundance of support' from our community

| 23 Feb 2012 | 03:40

    In light of the article you published last week describing my “Words for Walmer library project,” I would like to keep you and the readers of The Photo News updated with the progress of this educational initiative. Since the release of Nancy Kriz’s article on March 10, I have received an overwhelmingly generous response in the form of phone calls and e-mails inquiring about how to donate books. I’m so thrilled with the abundance of support the community seems to have for this project and am amazed at how quickly I’ve been able to obtain a few hundred additional books. Furthermore, I would like to pass on the appreciation of Mr. Dyani, Walmer High School’s principal, for our community’s support. Unfortunately, South Africa’s townships do not have access to the resources and learning materials that many other places may take for granted, thus many of this project’s books are being shipped from the U.S. This has quickly become the largest expense for the Words for Walmer project, thus my Fulbright colleague and I are both eagerly searching for grants to help cover these costs. If you are interested in assisting with shipping fees, monetary donations will be welcomed. I am so grateful to discover how many people have contacted me with motives to help with this project and thank all those who have. My flight for South Africa departs this weekend and my efforts to collect books and shipping funds will continue for the next few weeks. Please e-mail kennedyk14@gmail.com if you have questions, suggestions, or a desire to help. With sincere gratitude, Kerry Kennedy Monroe