‘Together we can'

| 22 Feb 2012 | 03:11

On Nov. 23 students from Smith Clove Elementary participated in the PTA’s annual Reflections Ceremony. This year’s theme was “Together We Can” and students from kindergarten and first grade submitted their version of that theme through visual arts, photography, literature and dance. Pictured are Jordan Brown, Alicia Conklin, Alyson Connolly. Livia Davidson, Leanne Fernandes, Emma Shae Filonow, Stephanie Kwana, Jacqueline Lafayette, Charlie Rose Mosley, Bradley Pinho, Alexander Pizzo, Odessa Prodafikas and Danielle Ryan, Colin Davidosn, Kayla Arone, Richard Black, Megan Binder, Jordan Ader, Kevin Serringer, Cassidy Stella, Angel Raishevich, Rohan Sonakya and Shawn Serringer. Also participating were Kathleen Coyle, Leanna Johnston and Milan Kakar. Photo provided by Lee Ann Ader