They still got married

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:52

    My boyfriend(now my husband) and I were preparing to celebrate our first Thanksgiving away from home with several of our friends from college. We were expecting eighteen people the next day and Jeff had gone out with friends because he was sick of hearing me stress over jello molds(which should never be released by soaking the pan in hot water but that is a whole other story.) when I turned on the news. The top story was a massive turkey recall at all Smiths grocery stores in the Tucson area because someone had called in a threat that they had tainted them with cyanide. I immediately grabbed my turkey and drove to the grocery store where a line of at least 200 people had formed. The store was happy to pass out new turkeys to anyone who turned theirs in but all they had was frozen ones. I spent the rest of the night bathing our turkey in cool water in an attempt to thaw him before morning. Everyone said dinner was a huge success but I was too tired to even notice.