The way we were in the 60s

| 22 Feb 2012 | 03:11

Central Valley - Woodbury historian Leslie Rose was gracious in sending The Photo News this black and view aerial photograph of the Town of Woodbury in response to our query about life before Black Friday shopping at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. She also provided this commentary: “This is what the area that is now known as Woodbury Common looked like before it became an international success story. “It is fairly easy to locate what is now known as the Central Valley Elementary School (upper part of the photo) and when built, in 1955, was the junior and senior high school for Monroe Woodbury. “Then, as the population increased, it was the junior high school with a new building on the ridge as the high school. Today, of course, that is now the Middle School and another new building for the senior high school (fondly called the “casino”) by some. “These pictures were taken in the mid to late 60’s.”