The 2011 Odyssey of the Mind challenges

| 22 Feb 2012 | 05:10

Ninety teams of creative problem solvers from throughout the region competed at the Orange-Ulster BOCES campus in Goshen for the 31st annual Odyssey of the Mind Competition. Here’s the problems they addressed: Problem 1: Extreme “Mousemobiles” This problem requires teams to design, build, and run vehicles that use mousetraps as their only source of energy. The mousemobiles will travel a course that has segments with different challenges. Problem 2: As Good as Gold...berg Teams will present an uncomplicated existing item that is used in a simple and effective way to complete a real life task. The teams will also create their own solution, a device made out of an unnecessarily complex series of components that will perform the same task as the existing item. Problem 3: Le Tour Guide Teams will create and present an original performance where a classical character acts as a tour guide. The tour will make three stops including one that will be a team-created location. During tour an inanimate object will show signs of life. Problem 4: Unhinged Structure The problem is to design and build a solution using only balsa wood and glue that folds into the team’s structure without coming apart. The team may use material other than balsa wood and glue to serve as a hinge. The team will test its “folded” structure by placing as much weight as possible on it during a performance. Problem 5: Full Circle The problem is to create and present a humorous performance where something changes form or appearance at least three times and eventually undergoes a final change where it returns to its original form and appearance. The performance will include a silly character, a serious character, a song plus dance, and a surprise ending. The Monroe-Woodbury Odyssey of the Mind competition results Teams which earned first place in their respective divisions and their selected questions are now advancing to state finals at SUNY Binghamton on March 26. High School Problem 3: Le Tour Guide David Sierra, Matt Taguer, Nuo Min Huang, Katie Bompensiero, Saharsh Hajela, Jesse Meshulam and Bradley Morton Coached by: Joann Mazzola and Jessica Mazzola High School Problem 2: As Good as Gold...berg Nicole Hoss, Christy Somers, Demi Siskind, Marisa Orozco, Hannah Hasin, Dan Cohen and Michael Rallo Coached by: Donna Wetzstein Middle School Problem 5: Full Circle Katie Kern, Ankit Juneja, Jordan Glass, Nicole Finnegan, Jensen Rodenheiser, Brandon Elezovic and Brianna Reilly Coached by: Maryann Shirley Middle School Problem 2: As Good as Gold...berg Nancy Rutishauser, Christopher Coughlin, Gina Thomas, Jimmy Curtis, Timmy Rogers, Julia Auerfeld and bigail Aguirre Coached by: Joann McInerney North Main Elementary Problem 3: Le Tour Guide Danielle Finnegan, Laura McQuade, Hayley Cowart, Jenna Walsh, Alyssa Paverman, Ian Ackerman and Rajan Patel Coached by: Kathy Doherty Three Monroe-Woodbury teams also earned second place honors. The schools, team and problems addressed are: Middle School Problem 1: Extreme “Mousemobiles” Akshani Patel, Richard Cote, Evan Cole, Anu Shetty, Nicole Pochat, Jessica Rallo and Jillian Usai Coached by: Cathy Ma North Main Elementary Problem 4: Unhinged Structure Gabrielle Mpasiakos, Emily Schacher, Mackenzie Nonnon, Caitlynn Chanat, Steven Chanat, Michael Jacoby and Peter Accordino. Coached by: Laura Lawrence Pine Tree Elementary Problem 3: Le Tour Guide Christine Scully, Sanjana Shashikumar, Shreyas Sinha, Matthew Yoon, Liyana Falvey and Patricia Allen and Michael Arena Coached by: Laurie Lapidus Three Monroe-Woodbury teams also earned third place honors. They are: High School Problem 5: Full Circle James Hanuman, Elizabeth Banville, Mike Figueroa, Daniel Pavlu, Maylynne Auerfeld Brittany Inglese and Brittani Phillips Coached by: Erika Wright Central Valley Elementary Problem 1: Extreme “Mousemobiles” Andrew Curtis, Ethan Bird, Tim Schietroma, Angela Prictoe, Michael Simons, Peter Hagan and Caroline DeLoren Coached by: Rosemarie Lang North Main Elementary Problem 5: Full Circle Alexandra Brownson, Emma Dawson, Brendan Fernandes, William French, Kajetan Leitner, Emma McInerney and Shoshana Ronen Coached by: Kathleen McCabe