Monroe-Woodbury hosts its 17th Cheerleading Winter Classic

| 07 Feb 2018 | 07:00

By Lee Friedman
CENTRAL VALLEY — Monroe-Woodbury's 17th annual Cheerleading Winter Classic, held Saturday, Feb. 3, attracted 45 teams and more than 1,500 patrons who came to watch the fabulous performances throughout the day.
We'd like to thank all of the teams who performed that day.
A large part of our classic is the work that goes into hosting this day and all of the parents and businesses behind the scenes that help with volunteering and support on the day of competition:
• Thank you to all of the parents and siblings who came out on Saturday to help us.
• Thank you to Wali Alidad for your generous donations year after year.
• Tremendous thanks to the Scancarello family for their generous donation.
• Thank you to Bill Dimmit for being the best photographer ever for M-W and all of our children.
• Thank you to Athletic Director Lori Hock and Athletic Office Support staff Kathy VanEtten and Eva McNulty for all you do for us throughout the year.
• Thank you to Michele Valente and Adriana Giraldo for keeping the kitchen running so smoothly; our food is second to none at these competitions.
• To our local businesses:
The Captain's Table, Raina's, Marina's, Bronx Boyz (formerly known as Big Mike's), Villa Positano, Planet Pizza, K&D, Amalfi's, Rockland Bakery, Harriman Square Deli, Tre Angelina and Jay's Deli.
Please support these businesses who continue to support our youth.
Thank you all for an amazing day.