Monroe Paddle And Racquetball Friendship Society completes tourney

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:16

    MONROE-Director Eugene Carucci and Co-Director Ralph Maffei have declared this year's tournament a smashing and slamming success. Notwithstanding the hurricane-related threat of rain and high winds, more 90 players from Orange and Dutchess counties, ranging in age from 14 to 65, participated in one or more of the five events held Aug. 12 though 15. Plans are afoot for next year's events, which is tentatively set for late July. Held at Smith's Clove Park in Monroe for the past 20 years, this event, long sponsored by the Monroe Joint Park and Recreation Commission and Monroe Bagel's and Deli, has become the top summer multi-sport competition in Orange County. Along with the tennis, racquetball, paddleball and handball competitions, beach volleyball was added this year in response to requests from area high school and college students. In addition, the wives of some of the tournament officials conducted games and contests for guests under 14 years of age. The players, event managers, directors and guests would like to express their sincere appreciation to Dave Hausman of Monroe Bagels And Deli for his continued co-sponsorship of the tournament and for the gourmet feast served during the four-day event. There's also a good measure of thanks to the Monroe Joint Park And Recreation Commission for its support and to the park manager and his crew for ensuring the facilities were in playing condition. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING TROPHY WINNERS PADDLEBALL (Event Mgr. Bruce Bleach) CENTURY DOUBLES 1st Place..... Bruce Bleach and Frank Tortorelli 2nd Place.... Tom Evans and Rayford Rodriguez 3rd Place.... Eugene Carruci and Nick Messina DOUBLES A DIVISION 1st Place.... Nick and Mike Messina 2nd Place.... Frank Sr. And Frank Jr. Perez 3rd Place.... Gigi and Paul Pirimer (Mr. & Mrs.) DOUBLES B DIVISION 1st Place..... Tom Evans and Steve Fishelberg 2nd Place.... Dave Fuentes and Joe Garcia 3rd Place.... Al Bido and Rubin Gonzolez. Racquetball (Event Mgr. Matt Woods) WOMENS SINGLES 1st Place...... Mary Bridges 2nd Place..... Dolores Roeder 3rd Place..... Melissa Bleimeyer MENS OPEN 1st Place...... Anthony Difusto 2nd Place..... Rey Padilla 3rd Place..... Allan Pickett MENS SINGLES A DIVISION B DIVISION 1st Place...... Matt Woods Dave Fuentes 2nd Place..... Tom Evans Lynn Rummler 3rd Place..... Dennis Kitchen Bill Rhodes OPEN DOUBLES 1st Place...... Anthony Difusto and Brian Maher 2nd Place..... Larry Lutz and Kevin Murphy 3rd Place..... Matt Woods and Todd Smith DOUBLES A DIVISION 1st Place..... Russ Hill and Paul Siegel 2nd Place..... Matt Woods and Michael Knipp 3rd Place..... Dennis Kitchen and Bob Welden B DIVISION 1st Place...... Bill Rhodes and Lynn Rummler 2nd Place.... Steven Kincade and Frank Kincade 3rd Place..... Mike Hertz and Keith Binder CLYESDALE 1st Place..... Kevin Murphy 2nd Place..... Bob Welden 3rd Place..... Tom Evans NOVICE 1st Place...... Pat Pierpoint 2nd Place..... Jim Creamer 3rd Place..... Tim Quinn BEACH VOLLEYBALL (Event Mgr. Adam Hausner) 1st Place...... Glen Bosser and Bob Brutti 2nd Place..... Mark Riegert and Eric Wies 3rd Place..... Rob Scklor and Joe Gartiser HANDBALL (Event Mgrs. John Acevedo & George Vazquez) SINGLES 1st Place..... George Vazquez 2nd Place..... Eddie Rodriguez 3rd Place..... Victor Burgos DOUBLES 1st Place..... Steve Cannato and JR 2nd Place.... George Vazquez and Eddie Rodriguez 3rd Place.... Victor Burgos and Pete Auerbach BEGINNER