Close call before Crusaders fall to Middies

| 16 Jan 2022 | 03:42

On Tuesday night the Crusaders hosted the Middies of Middletown in a key league match up. The Crusaders entered the game after a long 12 day lay off. Their last game was at Cornwall on December 29 when they beat the Dragons 49-37. The Middies entered the game with an impressive 5-0 record and having beaten the Crusaders 55-47 when they met earlier in the season.

The Middies jumped out to 6 point lead early in the first quarter, but a key 3-point shot by Cameron Spears late cut the Middies lead to 10-7 at the end of the first. In the second quarter the Middies began to pull away, but another late run led by Tyace Thompson, scoring 4 of his 10 points in the game helped the Crusaders keep it close, 28-22 at the half. The Middies defense took control of the game in the 3rd quarter, holding the Crusaders to 2 points as they ran out to a 39-24 lead.

The Middies and Crusaders exchanged baskets in the fourth quarter, with Matthew Omitiran scoring 6 of his 8 points in the come- back attempt, but the Middies would not relinquish the lead. The Crusaders’ 60-45 loss to the Middies brings their record to 7-4 on the season. Their next game will be on Friday, when they host the Eagles of John S. Burke Catholic.