Restaurant kicks off Lean and Green menu

| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:23

    Warwick — The Pioneer Restaurant on Route 94 in Warwick will kick off its new Lean and Green menu on Tuesday, July 27, at 6:30 p.m. by conducting an informative tasting session, with all menu items prepared according to Take Shape for Life (TSFL) nutritional guidelines. Participants will also be able to sample select Medifast foods. “This will enable many people who are on the program to eat out locally with the knowledge that they are able to enjoy great food and stay on program,” says Inez Freund, a TSFL health coach. The Take Shape for Life Program incorporates five individually portioned, nutritionally balanced Medifast meals and one “Lean & Green” meal, which consists of a protein and vegetable combination. Under this program, clients are able to lose two to five pounds per week. “We’ve always prepared our foods keeping an eye to healthful eating, and we even grow our own herbs and some vegetables,” says Pioneer owner and chef Paul Karas. “By adding the Lean & Green meals to our regular menu selections, we’re giving people another option for healthy eating. The Pioneer Restaurant’s Lean & Green celebration will feature Dr. Anthony Martini, who will be on hand to explain the program to those who may be interested, and local TSFL clients who be will be there to offer personal testimonials. The cost of the evening is $25. RSVP to Inez Freund at or by calling the Pioneer Restaurant at 986-6500.