Response to a letter to the editor from Assemblywoman Nancy Calhoun

| 22 Feb 2012 | 02:05

    I chose to ignore Nancy’s first letter to the editor because I am not her opponent. I am now responding to Nancy Calhoun’s letter from Oct. because I cannot allow someone to continue to make such disparing remarks about me. Nancy stated that it was a fact that: I had videotaped a Town Meeting. TRUE. That is where the truthfulness stops. FACT: I never met Nancy with a microphone in hand the night of the town meeting, as she stated, because I did not have a microphone. FACT: I took the video to record Nancy’s position on the issues for her opponent, Roxanne Donnery. Roxanne’s campaign chose to take excerpts to present her exact words, and those clips were unedited on YouTube. FACT: When she asked me for a copy, I asked her to give me a flash drive, because the video would be too big for a DVD, and I would be happy to give her a copy. At no time did I state that she would see it in the media because I did not know that it would end up there. Nancy suggested that through “Cut and Paste,” I created misleading statements. FALSE. I did not load the video onto YouTube Roxanne’s campaign did. Nancy really did say that if you are unemployed, you like having 99 weeks of unemployment. People get addicted to soap operas? Nancy did say that Tom Golisano had his residence moved to Florida; otherwise he would have had to pay an additional million in taxes, besides the $5 million he already pays. Nancy then suggested that taxes are driving the middle class out of the state. In fact, I objected to equating Mr. Golisano with the middle class, and I stated that if he is being taxed another million he (his NY State business) is doing very well and he must be able to afford that tax. Nancy really did say she is a professional politician. This is the third letter attacking me. Two came from Nancy and one from the Mayor of Washingtonville. The latter was responded to by Mr. John Burke and Mr. Charlie Bohan. I thank them for their bi-partisan support. I trust that people will follow through if they have questions about the video. I am available to show the video to those interested in seeing it. Please contact me at if you are interested in viewing the video. Robert A. Fromaget Blooming Grove