Goshen. Nine handlers and their K-9 partners graduate from O.C. Sheriff’s Office K-9 Detector School

Monroe /
| 11 Jan 2021 | 03:43

On Friday, Jan. 8, Sheriff Carl E. Dubois congratulated the nine handlers and their K-9 partners upon their graduation from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Detector School.

The program was conducted over the last 8 to 12 weeks.

The 2021 K-9 Detector School graduated six Narcotic Detection K-9’s, including Officer Melissa C. Berke of the Village of Monroe Police Department with K-9 Keen.

Three Explosive Detection K-9’s also graduated.

This program was coordinated and instructed by Lead Trainer/K-9 Unit Supervisor Sgt. Dustin Palen along with assistant trainers Deputy Sheriff Jeremy Yela, Deputy Sheriff Vincent Iannuzzi and Deputy Sheriff Kyle Frano.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office also created history with this graduating class: Officer MaryJo Manzo has become the first female K-9 handler of the agency with her K-9 partner Davey.

K-9 Davey was named after 18-year veteran, Corrections Officer David Snell, who unexpectedly passed away in September 2020.