Pizza owner charged with sexually abusing delivery driver

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:58

    MONROE-Monroe Police have charged the owner of K&D Pizza on Route 17M with sexually abusing a female employee who was working for him as a delivery driver. Mirash G. Narkaj, 33, of Maybrook, was arrested March 6 and charged with forcible touching and third-degree sexual abuse, both misdemeanors, and second-degree harassment, a violation. Police said that Narkaj began making sexual comments to the young woman from the first day she began working at the pizzeria in late February. The lewd comments subsequently turned to physical touching, police said. Once, when the worker reached up to grab something, police said Narkaj lifted her shirt and pinched her belly button ring. According to police: "On another day the suspect asked the victim if she wanted to drive his truck and she stated no. This was inside the restaurant. He then picked her up and carried her outside and insisted that she park the truck. She complied. She said that she wanted to go inside because it was so cold and he picked her up and carried her inside, pressing her against the pizza oven to warm her. He the spun her around and said, ‘This is why I like skinny girls, because you can throw them around.' He then got behind her and began to press against her. She then elbowed him away but he approached her, grabbed her head and kissed her on the cheek." After conferring with her mother, the young woman reported the incident Monroe Police. Narkaj was arrested, arraigned and remanded to Orange County Jail on $5,000.00 cash bail for an appearance in court on March 9.