Photo courtesy of the Chester Historical Society archives

| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:27

    After disastrous fire, architect chooses brick The “Where In?” feature of the July 2 and 9 editions featured the J.B. Tuthill building in Chester. Town of Chester Historian Clif Patrick sent along some interesting information about the building to share with readers: “Downtown Chester suffered a disastrous fire in July of 1877. J.B. Tuthill had his new building constructed in fireproof brick as downtown was rebuilt. In the Chester Historical Society archives are the plans and specifications for the J.B. Tuthill Building. They were donated to the society by Lorraine Hom, before she became Village of Chester historian. This is one of the few buildings for which these details are known, such as the architect: Harvey R. Gaylor or Cornwall, Orange County, N.Y.” Pictured is the architect’s front elevation drawing of the building. For this week’s “Where In?” game, please turn to page 4.