Parent brings the stars to the children at Tuxedo Park School with portable planetarium

| 22 Feb 2012 | 05:06

TUXEDO PARK - On Thursday, March 3, a parent of a third grader brought the stars to the children at Tuxedo Park School. Christine Peverly of Tuxedo, a clinical scientist and manager at Merck in Rahway, N.J., arranged with the Merck Institute for Science and Education to bring StarLab, a portable planetarium, to Tuxedo Park School for the day. Peverly, along with the school science teachers, showed students stars and constellations as well as images of the face of the moon and the moon phases. “This was an incredible opportunity to teach the students about the night sky in the middle of the school day!” said Heidi Croce, primary school science teacher. Tuxedo Park School is an independent day school for children in grades pre-k through ninth. For more information visit