On the ‘hot seat' with Meredith Viera, but done in by Katharine Hepburn

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:55

    New York-If there is any question that Monroe doctor Steve Pavia will know the answer to today, it's this one: What legendary actress wrote an autobiography titled "Me: Stories of My Life?" That was the defining question that Pavia, a Monroe chiropractor, was asked on the broadcast of the TV game-show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" this past Wednesday. The answer would have made him $8,000 richer and that much closer to the national television show's ultimate prize of $1 million. But the question left Pavia somewhat puzzled as he expressed to host Meredith Viera that he was not sure of the answer. The choices were: A. Elizabeth Taylor; B. Bette Davis; C. Joan Crawford, and D. Katharine Hepburn. "I don't watch reality shows," Pavia said to Viera, "and I don't read autobiographies on women actresses' either." The reality show reference came from a previous question which quizzed Pavia on the reality show, "The Simple Life 2" and what the two characters rode around in on the show. For the question, which had a $2,000 jackpot, Pavia used his "poll-the audience" option for some help. "Who has time for reality shows?" he said to a smiling Viera. "I'm putting my kids to bed at that time." The father of two and Monroe resident with his chiropractic practice in town for 18 years has been trying to get onto the show for five years. He made it to the "fastest-finger row" three years ago and has taken several tests and participated in several auditions for the show, but the 44 year-old has never made it to the hot-seat to play for $1 Million. Until now. Pavia got that chance this past week and was featured on two episodes, Tuesday's and Wednesday's, because time ran out on Tuesday's edition. Pavia's wife, Jean-Marie, was in the audience and as part of the show's introductions, she spoke about how her husband proposed to her at a Mets game. He had placed an engagement ring inside a Cracker Jack box. "During the game, I kept putting it in front of her face, but she wouldn't bite," he said. Finally, Jean-Marie opened the box. "I thought it was fake," said the 40-year-old mother. "I almost gave it to the girl next to me and I said to her, ‘Look at how good the prizes are now." The two have been married for 18 years. Viera called it "a classic New York story." After the talk about the "Cracker Jack engagement," Viera and Pavia got straight down to business as Pavia tried to enjoy his dream of sitting in the hot-seat and also become a millionaire. Pavia correctly answered his $4,000 question when he replied that the National Census is taken every 10 years. It then came down to the $8,000 question. He thought out aloud, and even got some audience laughter as he pondered the question of which actress' book is titled "Me: Stories of my Life." "It could be Elizabeth Taylor because, well, she's been married eight times, and maybe each chapter is about a marriage." Pavia then used his "phone-a-friend" option and decided to call a friend, named Judy, who lives in Oklahoma. However, Judy was not sure of the answer either. Pavia then quickly told Viera he was going to use his third and last lifeline, the 50/50 option. The answers were narrowed down to: Elizabeth Taylor and Katharine Hepburn. "Elizabeth Taylor, final answer," he said. The music went on, the lights dimmed. Viera looked down at the computer screen. "No, I'm sorry Steve, it's Katherine Hepburn," she said. Pavia threw up his hands with disappointment as his take-home jackpot fell to $1,000. So one of the stories in Steve Pavia's life will now be titled "Katharine Hepburn." For it was the actress of "The African Queen," "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" and "On Golden Pond" who proved to be the difference between the four-figured check for a $1,000 Pavia accepted from Viera on Wednesday's show and the $1,000,000 one he hoped to play on for.