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| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:30

    Shirtless bicyclist charged as would-be burglar Monroe - A 49-year-old Monroe resident has been charged with attempted burglary after Village of Monroe Police said he first knocked, then opened the screen door and finally pounded on the door of a home in the early afternoon of Monday, Aug. 2. Police were alerted to the incident by the homeowner, who reported that a man wearing jeans and no shirt had arrived at the house on bicycle and had been knocking on the door for several minutes. The homeowner did not answer the door because man at the door was a stranger. The man left, but returned shortly thereafter and began knocking on the door again.. Police said that when no one answered, the man opened the screen door and began to turn the doorknob back and forth. He then started pounding on the door. The police were now called and upon their arrival the man had left the house but was found a short distance away from the home. Arrested was Peter V Giglevitch, 49, of Mountain Lodge Road in Monroe. He was charged with attempted burglary and will have his case heard in the near future. “Most residential burglaries occur during the day and many burglars will knock on the doors of the target house, sometimes for several minutes, to ensure that the home is not occupied,” said Det. James Frankild. “It is at that point that the person will attempt to gain entry into the home. If the door is answered by the homeowner they will give some excuse, such as they were looking for a friend who they thought lived there, and leave to look for an unoccupied home. “If anyone has a person not known to them knocking on their door for an extended period of time and sees the person acting suspicious in any manner, they should immediately call police.” The telephone number for the Monroe Village Police is 845-782-8644. Something in the air Monroe - In the early evening of Sunday, Aug. 1, a Monroe Village Police officer out on patrol saw unusual activity in and around a vehicle parked in a local strip mall. When the driver saw the officer, he proceeded to leave. According to village police, when the officer stopped the vehicle a short distance away and spoke with the driver, a strong odor of marijuana emanated from the vehicle. The driver, Joseph “Seagull” Alston , 24, of Hillside Road in Monroe, was ordered out of his vehicle. In searching the vehicle, police said the officer found 4 ounces of marijuana, all contained in small, separate baggies. Alston was charged with criminal possession of marijuana. His case heard in Monroe Village Court in the near future. Monroe Fire Commissioners will meet Sept. 8 Monroe - The Board of Fire Commissioners of the Monroe Joint Fire District will hold a special meeting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 8, at the Monroe Senior Center located at 101 Mine Road in Monroe. Paterson signs consumer protection bills ALBANY — A classic style of baby crib will start to disappear and more health facilities will provide testing for HIV-AIDS under measures signed into law on July 30 by Gov. David Paterson. One new law will ban the generations-old design of drop-side cribs. The ban in New York comes after several child deaths, said Sen. Charles Fuschillo, a Long Island Republican who sponsored the bill. He said more than 9 million of the cribs have been recalled nationwide because of the danger of entrapment and suffocation if the drop-rail malfunctions. In another bill signed into law, HIV-AIDS testing will be expanded. The new law effective Sept. 1 will make the testing routine at all health care facilities and simplify the patients’ informed consent needed to take the test. Governor signs ban on chemical BPA in baby bottles ALBANY — New York has become the latest state to ban the sale of baby bottles, sippy cups and other children’s products containing the controversial chemical bisphenol A, or BPA. Gov. David Paterson said the law would protect children from “a potentially harmful substance” as he signed it July 30. Lawmakers passed the measure in June. It takes effect Dec. 1. Advocates have said at least six other states have similar bans. BPA is used as a light, durable substitute for glass. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control have said potential human health effects from low-level exposures are unknown and need more research. The North American Metal Packaging Alliance says BPA is an essential component of baby formula containers and other products. Bear Mountain State Park seeks votes to win $100,000 from Coca-Cola BEAR MOUNTAIN — Bear Mountain State Park is in a contest sponsored by Coca-Cola to win $100,000. As part of the program by “Coca-Cola in the Community - Coke Community Involvement,” the winning park will receive $100,000. Visit to learn about the program and vote for Bear Mountain State Park. For more information about the Palisades Parks Conservancy and the Palisades Interstate Park parks and historic sites, visit