New Web site to blog on scenic hiking spots in the Hudson Valley

| 22 Feb 2012 | 02:59 also takes to the trail to raise funds for leukemia Monroe - The Hudson Valley Beat, the Web site dedicated to the goodness of the Hudson Valley, is joining forces with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Westchester to raise funds for research. Founder and head writer MJ Hanley-Goff of Monroe has signed on to take part in area hikes in the Hudson Valley to train for the final hike - the Grand Canyon in May 2011. Nineteen hiking trails from as far north as Woodstock down to Alpine, N.J., and from Bedford down to Ossining are included and totals more almost 100 miles. Since the Web site began in September, Hanley-Goff has covered Hudson Valley sites such as Mohonk Mountain House, the Paramount Center for the Arts, Sugar Loaf, Woodstock Film Festival, Bethel Woods and the FDR site in Hyde Park. “Now I have the opportunity to write about the natural beauty in our area that makes us one of the most popular places in the country,” Hanley-Goff said in the press release announcing the effort. She plans to blog about her experiences preparing for the hikes, and what the hike was like, and including pictures along the way. “I’m not the most physically fit person, so for me to do this may inspire others to venture out to these spots,” she added. Along the way, the hikers will be taught ways to stay safe on the trail, about proper hydration, first aid, clothing and layering, map and compass reading, and as we get closer to May, topics will include desert hiking skills and creating a checklist for the trip. First hike The first hike takes place on Sunday, Nov. 28, an easy two-hour, two-mile hike around Bear Mountain. At that point, The Hudson Valley Beat Web site turns into “hike central” not only for hiking tips but in keeping an eye on Hanley-Goff ’s goal to raise $4,000 in donations. “There are too many cases of cancer these days,” said Hanley-Goff, “and the more we can raise, the more research can be done. One of our team leaders had Hodgkin’s Disease, and because of research and new medicines, she can have a normal life. Others who aren’t so lucky have an uphill battle every day that they haven’t asked for, and when I’m on a hike, I’ll be thinking about that.”

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    MJ Hanley-Goff invites readers and those who are able to donate to the cause - corporate sponsorships are welcome - on her team page at:
    “Everyone who donates will get a souvenir from the trip to the Grand Canyon,” Hanley-Goff said.
    In the meantime, she invites readers to keep up with her adventures as she tries to get into hiker-shape and visits some of our breathtaking natural wonders.
    For more information about the hike, about the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, you can write to MJ at