My Turkey Tale

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:52

    One cold Thanksgiving we all gathered to enjoy our Thanksgiving Dinner. I cooked a 21 pound turkey and a large ham with all the fixings that go along with the traditional Thanksgiving meal. There were about 14 people present, and, for whatever reason, most of the people ate the ham. We had a very early dinner and had invited other guests to come over later in the evening and we would have sandwiches and left overs. There was plenty of turkey left n we hadn't even carved one side, and there was still meat on the other side. The ham was almost completely devoured. We cleaned up everything after the early meal, and, since the refrigerator was full, and it was very cold out, we wrapped up the leftover Turkey in aluminum foil and placed it outside on the picnic table on the deck. The deck was on the second floor level of the house since I had a walk-out basement underneath the deck. Later on that evening people were feeling hungry again, so we heated up all the leftovers, brought out the remainder of the ham and I summoned my sister to bring in the Turkey to be sliced for sandwiches. Lo and behold n she walked into the house with just the bare bone from a leg of the turkey. I laughed and said n ‘OK, bring in the rest of the Turkey' n she responded n ‘This is all there is!" We both went out to the deck, and all that we found was the aluminum foil and the empty turkey platter! I was quite embarrassed to have to serve turkey-less turkey leftovers! To this day we have no idea where the Turkey went n not even a bone was found in the yard in the light of the next day! So, someone really enjoyed our Turkey n but we're not sure if they survived devouring the bones also! .