Monroe Woodbury schools have ‘smooth opening'

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:50

    Central Valley-"Our first week was extremely quiet and productive," said interim Superintendent Frank Moscati. Approximately 140 new students were welcomed across the district. "There are 540 kindergartners this year compared to 487 last year" he said. The sustained growth in the community has been one of concern in the community, as well as for the school district. "We are using available space so the classes are not packed," said Moscati. "Parents are aware of the increased enrollment and space issues." Another concern is school bus delays caused by local construction. "The buses are trying their best to keep schedules," Moscati said. The district maintains a Web site at which includes a calendar of events for the district as a whole, as well as the individual schools. On the calendar, for Friday, Sept. 24, is an early dismissal drill. This is a ‘go home drill' where all students will be dismissed 15 minutes early. The Web site also contains the district code of conduct, newsletters, daily bulletins and school menus. Parents may also subscribe to e-mail lists to exchange information wit