Monroe Town Board passes resolution supporting the right to collective bargaining

| 22 Feb 2012 | 05:06

    Monroe - The Town Board of Monroe approved a resolution this week supporting the rights of organized labor and the right to collective bargaining. After attending a recent AFL-CIO rally in Orange County, Town Councilmen Harley E. Doles, Jerry McQuade and Ric Colon said they were “convinced organized labor deserves their local elected representatives speak out against job-killing, union busting tactics currently being deployed by misguided politicians in Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin,” according to a press release e-mailed by Doles. “The fight to protect the families of labor might get played out in Albany but its impact will be felt throughout the Hudson Valley, especially in Monroe, which has the highest percentage of union members in Orange County,” the press release continued. The councilmen also suggested in the release that “police, firefighters, teachers and workers currently protected under collective bargaining and all concerned citizens contact their local officials. Tell them to pass similar resolutions putting Albany on notice that unions will sacrifice but not be sacrificed in balancing New York’s fiscal problems.”