Woodbury Historical Society’s annual meeting: Reaching for the sky

| 05 Nov 2019 | 10:32

This past Saturday at the Woodbury Senior Center in Highland Mills, the Woodbury Historical Society held its annual meeting and election of officers.

Officers elected by voice vote at the meeting were Neil Crouse, president; June Menkens, vice president; Desiree Potvin, treasurer; and Millicent Treloar, secretary.

Elected to positions as trustees were Fred Lindlaw and Alex Prizgintas.

The meeting also featured speaker Kevin Woyce, who presented his slide show “New York’s Greatest Skyscrapers.”

With Woodbury at the doorstep of New York City, many Woodbury folks have a connection to the city through their work, from having lived there, or simply because they have enjoyed the wonders of the "greatest city in the world."

Among those wonders are the city’s skyscrapers, each an engineering marvel, which fill many visitors with awe and amazement.

Using original photos and historic images, Woyce told the story of New York City's iconic, historic skyscrapers, from the 1890 New York World building to the Woolworth, Chrysler, and Empire State buildings. He explained how and why these structures were built and described the architects and businessmen whose visions shaped the “big apple’s” now world-famous skyline.

For more information about this program or the Woodbury Historical Society and its work of historic information and preservation, call 928-6770.

- Bob Curtis