'We miss our regulars'

Tuxedo. Jen Jenkins, co-owner of Dottie Audrey’s Bakery/Kitchen, talks about the business is doing.

Tuxedo /
| 13 May 2020 | 11:17

“Life after COVID-19 has been quite different. We miss our regulars, the ‘Breakfast Club,’ a porch full of hikers and friendly pups on sunny days, the good-natured scrum of a weekend morning, and all of the kids stopping for a cookie after school.

“We pivoted our business quickly while maintaining scratch-cooking, high-quality standards. We changed hours and menu in response to less staff and disrupted supply chain. We developed family meals to feed ‘four plus’ always with some of our homemade bread, with lots of variety. Many of our family meals have been inspired by guest requests and memories of meals around the original Dottie’s table. Our ‘to-go’ packaging is nearly all biodegradable or compostable and our commitment to being a clean, green organization hasn’t wavered.

“Our team has been stellar – they’ve adjusted quickly to an ever-changing menu (some products are becoming harder to get), changes to the service model with runs out to the parking lot in all kinds of weather to make curbside deliveries, and being here each day wearing a mask with a smile underneath. For this we will always be grateful.

“Through it all we continue to witness incredible generosity and kindness. Members of the Tuxedo Park School community and other regulars have made donations to allow us to feed first responders and those in need. Tuxedo residents started a ‘Go Fund Me’ page to feed the staff at Good Samaritan Hospital and then ordered lunches from us and other local restaurants to be delivered.

“We’ve worked hard to help maintain a slice of normalcy with scratch-cooked meals, plenty of healthy vegan and vegetarian options and great coffee and treats to help ease the burden of this fractious time. We’re thankful for our friends and neighbors and work hard to make life a wee bit easier when we can.

Compiled by Nancy Kriz