Town of Tuxedo limits access to town hall and other town properties

| 16 Mar 2020 | 02:13

    Tuxedo Town Supervisor Kenneth English issued the following executive order, effective Monday morning, March 16:

    The Executive order is intended to put into effect the authority to limit access to Town Hall and other Tuxedo Town properties as I, and the Town Board deem necessary.

    It will also enable us to circumvent procurement policies so that we can contract with a cleaning company to begin sanitizing our properties, especially Town Hall, the Police station, Highway Department, especially the staff lounge areas and places where staff congregate, and other locations we identify.

    Department Heads must consider reasonable changes to schedules that may help with the "social distancing" strategy being promoted by our health officials. All efforts to follow CDC sanitary guidelines should be put in place. Frequent and deep hand-washing and the use of hand sanitizer should be the new normal. ANYONE who shows any sign of illness should stay home and consult their doctor. All Town public meetings are postponed until further notice including Justice Court sessions. Updates will be made available on the Town of Tuxedo official website as necessary.

    Of paramount importance is public safety and the well being of Town employees. I feel it is imperative that we all join together to follow public health guidelines to curtail all public interaction to try to stem the spread of this very contagious disease, and hopefully end this crisis as soon as possible. We MUST act with urgency. All local businesses and houses of worship should seriously consider actions to keep people from congregating in close proximity.

    We are making every effort to hire a professional cleaning company that specializes in dealing with this type of emergency, a step that I consider essential to considering how we can plan to reopen.

    There’s much more to say, to communicate and to consider. I am taking this action to begin setting a cooperative plan in place. Deputy Supervisor Michele Lindsay, and Councilpersons Dave McMillen, Maria May, and Jay H. Reichgott and I will continue to work together with the very dedicated Town Team to do whatever we can to enhance what our county, state and federal leaders implement. I know that with the support and efforts of residents, we will prevail. A big THANKS to our first responders who always answer the call.

    The best way to reach me is by email, at

    I will make every effort to respond quickly. Town officials can reach me on my cell phone. Please help circulate this notice.

    Ken English

    Tuxedo Town Supervisor