Three candidates seek two open seats on Woodbury Village Board

WOODBURY. Early voting runs from October 29 through November 6, with election day on November 8.

| 14 Oct 2022 | 04:03

Residents of the village of Woodbury have three candidates running for two open seats on the village board this election season. James Michael Freiband is running as a Democrat. Susan Ciriello and Victor Ferrarelli are running as Republicans.

James Michael Freiband

After serving in Vietnam, I retired from the navy and my wife and I came to this community almost 50 years ago to start our family. I am a municipal and transportation planner, with degrees in urban planning and engineering. I know firsthand what it takes to negotiate energy contracts, do budgeting and capital investment programming, and work in harmony with the town and neighboring governments.

I served for several years on the Woodbury Planning Board overseeing the initial construction of Woodbury Commons.

My understanding of zoning and master planning gives me the tools a [candidate] needs, and my commitment to planned growth and green space will be the number one goal of my administration. I want to ensure there is a desirable quality of life for families in Woodbury today and in the future.

I will support our fine police department and recognize the dedication and expertise of the two fire companies.

Taxpayers deserve to have input on capital projects of magnitude: In 2017, I led a successful referendum petition and stopped a $9 million proposal for a new municipal building that was being promoted by my opponent because there had been no public vote. I plan to hold bi-weekly work sessions open to the public.

Government is intended to work for you, not for itself. I do not believe in the current board’s effort to force eminent domain on homeowners for unstated and imaginary purposes. We need a village board where all its members work to protect vital resources including green space, water, zoning and keeping taxes within reason. The business of the village should be “what’s good for residents,” not developers.

Allow me to provide this vision for Woodbury’s future. I ask for your vote: James M. Freiband, Line A on the ballot. Thank you.

Susan Ciriello

My name is Susan Ciriello and I am proud to announce my candidacy for Woodbury’s village trustee. I live in Woodbury with my husband and two children.

My BBA in accounting, along with passing the NYS CPA exam, MBA in business management and 18 years of accounting experience uniquely qualifies me to serve on the village board.

As a resident, I’ve taken pleasure in giving back by volunteering at Monroe-Woodbury Schools as PTA treasurer and president, secretary of Music Boosters, president of the MS Drama Booster, treasurer for TGOW, and most recently accepted the appointment to village trustee in August 2022.

When elected, I will continue building a working relationship with the town, as I firmly believe the two must work together to strengthen Woodbury. In addition, I will support the current village board’s mission to protect our natural resources and open space to make certain Woodbury’s natural beauty remains preserved for years to come. I will also support all applications for grants to ensure that necessary upgrades to Woodbury’s infrastructure are completed with minimal impact to our taxes. Finally, I promise to provide an honest, transparent government by including you, the residents, our most knowledgeable and valuable resource. I will work to listen to concerns, and engage in respectful dialog.

I am proud to be a member of the Woodbury community and promise to put Woodbury first. I would be honored to have your vote for village of Woodbury trustee and for my running mate, Vic Ferrarelli for village of Woodbury trustee on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

Victor Ferrarelli

My name is Victor Ferrarelli, and I am proud to announce my candidacy for Woodbury’s village trustee. I live in Woodbury with my wife and son.

I began my service to Woodbury when I joined the Woodbury Community Association, Brigadoon HOA, Village of Woodbury ZBA, Woodbury Lions Club and the Knights of Columbus. I take great pride in my work with these organizations. I consider it an honor to give back to the community by volunteering my time and services to these great organizations that help make Woodbury a great place to live and work.

I was appointed as a village trustee in January of 2022. When elected, I will continue to serve the residents of Woodbury by making myself available to residents’ concerns. Working across all platforms for the benefit of Woodbury, including but not limited to, working to expand the relationship with the town board, work to receive grants for the infrastructure of Woodbury, to be honest and transparent while putting Woodbury first.

With honor and humility, I promise to do all I can to help the residents of Woodbury by continuing to work whenever possible to keep Woodbury the best village to live and work in.

I am honored to be an active resident of Woodbury and it would be an honor to have your vote for village of Woodbury trustee and for my running mate, Susan Ciriello for village trustee on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.