Sharing the CARES Day plan now in order to the necessary funds

| 16 Feb 2018 | 11:26

CENTRAL VALLEY — Organizers hope the Monroe-Woodbury High School's CARES Day is an inspiring, empowering, life-changing event for all involved, adding they hope the day will lay the foundation for schools across the globe to transform school culture.
However, bringing national speakers to Monroe-Woodbury High School comes with a cost.
The day is projected to cost about $125,000. Already, organizers have received commitments of approximately $55,000.
“We are reaching out the community for sponsorship and support of this event,” said Dawn Tauber, M-W CARES chair, adding that Stop DWI of Orange County, together with New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, is sponsoring three speakers.
That’s why organizers are announcing their plans now, because they know it will take time to raise the balance of funds and equally believe it’s doable. Committee members have already been meeting with area businesses and individuals to acquaint them with what’s planned for the conference day and have been getting positive feedback.
But fund raising is always a challenge. Currently, donors are being sought in the following sponsorship levels:
• Showcase sponsors: $25,000 and higher (Sponsors recognized in signage, media, keynote acknowledgement and special recognition in event program)
• T-shirt sponsor: $15,000 (Company name displayed on T-shirt, sponsors get special recognition in event program) All students, staff and presenters will be given a shirt.
• M-W CARES sponsors: $5,000 to $24,999 (Sponsors get media recognition and special recognition in event program)
• Swag bag sponsor: $7,500 (Each speaker receives a bag, sponsors get special recognition in the event program)
• Event program sponsor: $4,000 (Company name displayed on program’s back cover)
• Community sponsors: Under $2,500 (Recognition in event program)
“We began to think about M-W CARES Day last May,” Tauber said. “The CARES Committee met often through the summer to discuss our visions for the event. We started to reach out to speakers in September and the response was astounding. I personally spoke to almost every CARES Day presenter to make sure our intents aligned.”
Tauber said the speakers, whether they’re on the local, regional or national level, are energized about the day.
“We are excited to share the information about our day because want our students, our families and our community to share our enthusiasm that Monroe-Woodbury High School is hosting this first-of- its-kind event in our area, county and maybe even New York,” she added. “The speakers we booked are powerful and inspirational and will all contribute to our CARES message.”
Businesses, organizations and individuals who want to financially support or learn more about the day should email Principal John Kaste at or call 460-7000, extension 7001.
- Nancy Kriz