Schmitt announces funding for local roads in the 99th Assembly District

Washingtonville. More than $2 million will be available for town and village road work.

| 09 Jun 2020 | 11:37

Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt (R,C,I-New Windsor) has announced more than $2 million in funding for local town and village road and infrastructure priorities in the 99th Assembly District.

The funding includings CHIPs (Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program), PAVE-NY and Extreme Winter Recovery Funding (EWR).

“These funds are essential for our towns and villages to ensure maintenance of the roadways and infrastructure we use most often,” Schmitt said in the press release detailing the funding.

Here’s how the money will be distributed:

Blooming Grove

CHIPs $112,437,08

PAVE-NY $25,664.88

EWR $20,790.46


CHIPs $83,906.74

PAVE-NY $19,152.55

EWR $14,833.43


CHIPs $84,752.50

PAVE-NY $19,345.60

EWR $15,888.44


CHIPs $144,833.31

PAVE-NY $33,059.64

EWR $26,989.72


CHIPs $89,591.40

PAVE-NY $20,450.13

EWR $15,939.10


CHIPs $23,238.29

PAVE-NY $5,304.37

EWR $4,563.45

New Windsor

CHIPs $201,444.47

PAVE-NY $45,981.70

EWR $37,309.67


CHIPs $153,154.98

PAVE-NY $34,959.15

EWR $28,972.25

V. S. Blooming Grove

CHIPs $33,511.31

PAVE-NY $7,649.29

EWR $4,988.18


CHIPs $39,460.64

PAVE-NY $9,007.71

EWR $4,865.03

V. Chester

CHIPs $52,009.59

PAVE-NY $11,871.71

EWR $8,852.19


CHIPs $96,917.62

PAVE-NY $22,122.41

EWR $17,665.27

V. Goshen

CHIPs $98,471.07

PAVE-NY $22,477

EWR $17,528.93

Highland Falls

CHIPs $54,554.02

PAVE-NY $12,452.50

EWR $9,963.64


CHIPs $27,283.69

PAVE-NY $6,227,77

EWR $4,338.72

V. Woodbury

CHIPs $99,143.01

PAVE-NY $22,630.39

EWR $12,832.20

Chester Highway Superintendent Anthony LaSpina said this funding “is critical for Chester and communities across our county to maintain roads and infrastructure.”

Woodbury Mayor Tim Egan added: “The Village of Woodbury has received important funding from the state thanks to the efforts of our Assemblyman Colin Schmitt. I want to thank Colin for working to bring the funding to our community and communities across the district.”