Orange County DPW completes Grove Drive Bridge in Tuxedo

Tuxedo. The historic bridge, constructed in the 1930s, carries East Village Road over the Ramapo River.

| 28 Apr 2020 | 04:49

The Orange County Department of Public Works has completed the Grove Drive Bridge, which carries East Village Road over the Ramapo River in the Town of Tuxedo.

The Grove Drive Bridge was originally constructed in the 1930s and was closed several times due to the flooding of the Ramapo River.

A temporary bridge was installed to maintain traffic along East Village Road which is a dead end, throughout the duration of this construction project.

The newly constructed 100-foot bridge is 60 feet longer than the previous structure.

During construction, the elevation of the Grove Drive Bridge was increased by six feet, improving the hydraulic capacity of the overpass.

The funding source for the $4.7 million project was: Eighty percent federal, 15 percent state, and five percent County.

“County road and bridge infrastructure is vital to the region,” DPW Commissioner Erik Deneg said. “I am especially proud of the Orange County DPW Engineering and administrative staff for their hard work and effort to complete this project during the COVID-19 outbreak. We all appreciate their efforts.”