Neuhaus awards citizens of the month

Monroe. Paul Campanella and Charke Pakula were named June’s citizens of the month have been honored for their commitment to volunteering in Monroe.

| 07 Jun 2021 | 02:23

Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus has recognized Paul Campanella and Charlie Pakula as June’s Citizens of the Month Award winners for their continued dedication to the Monroe community.

“If there is an event taking place in Monroe, Charlie and Paul are likely an integral part of it, or attached to it in some way,” Neuhaus said. “They care that much about the community and the residents of Monroe. Charlie and Paul have continued their volunteer work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and have served as a wonderful ambassadors in the community. Their hard work and generosity are appreciated by many. I’m glad to give them the recognition they deserve.”

Campanella, 76, a Chester resident, and Pakula, 79, who lives in Monroe have volunteered together in Monroe for approximately 25 years. The pair are active members of Boy Scouts Troop 540, Monroe Clean Sweep, the Monroe Lions Club, The Greater Monroe Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Association’s SCORE program, which provides mentoring to business owners.

Pakula is the president of the Monroe Lions Club and a past president of the Monroe Rotary Club. Both men are Brooklyn natives and have volunteered for most of their lives. Campanella said he was inspired to give back as a young Boy Scout and Pakula was moved to volunteer by his humble beginnings growing up in New York City.

“Paul and I have a lot in common,” said Pakula, a U.S. Air Force veteran, who also serves as the Commander of Orange County’s American Legion. “He is a good, hard-worker and reminds me of myself. We both just try to help people in the community. We really enjoy being of service to others.

“Charlie and Paul are dedicated volunteers in our community, and I appreciate that County Executive Neuhaus has recognized them for all of their hard work and efforts,” Town of Monroe Supervisor Tony Cardone said. “They go above and beyond to help others and to support local initiatives. Paul and Charlie never seek a pat on the back, but their recognition is well deserved.”