Monroe-Woodury. Brothers inDeed deliver Blessing Boxes

| 28 Jul 2021 | 02:34

The following is a short story about community. It’s about acknowledging a problem and trying to do something about it. It’s also simply about young people getting together to help others.

But rather than use what can be the neutral language of journalism, here is what Martha Lopez wrote when she submitted the material to The Photo News:

I was wondering if you could run a story about these boys and their wonderful altruistic project. They worked tirelessly at building these boxes with the help of Drew Diltz and other parents of the kids in the group.

The box is a miniature food pantry – receiving items from those who want to donate, and offering it to those who need them. Whether you’re taking or giving, you can just go to the blessing box.

There’s not a lock on it – it’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Blessing Boxes can be found at three locations in the Monroe-Woodbury area:

Smith Clove Elementary, 21 Smith Clove Road, Central Valley.

North Main Elementary, 212 North Main Street Monroe.

The Earl Reservoir, 123 Coach Wilson Trail, Highland Mills.

This wonderful group of volunteers are members of Brothers InDeed. It is a local youth organization founded by Pablo Quinones. Now that he’s graduated high school (M-W Class of 2020), he has passed on the torch and these boys rose to the occasion. You can find more information on their Facebook page.