Monroe. Take the Police Reform survey

| 10 Feb 2021 | 12:31

    Village of Monroe Mayor Neil S. Dwyer is asking village residents to take an anonymous survey about the Village Police Department.

    “As a follow up to the Police Reform ZOOM meetings that have been held, we would like your input on how you think our Police Department is doing,” Dwyer said in the email detailing his request. “Thank you for taking time to provide us with some feedback.”

    The anonymous survey can be found at

    The questions

    In addition to demographic questions about age, ethnicity, whether you own or rent a home in the village and how long you’ve called the Village of Monroe home, the survey asks specific questions about perceptions resident may have about the police department, including:

    • Please detail why you are or are not satisfied with police services in the Village of Monroe.

    • How fair do you think the Monroe Police are in their dealings with people?

    • How would you rate the relationship between the Monroe Police and the community?

    • Do you think that a formal complaint filed against a Monroe Police officer will be taken seriously?

    • Please rate your level of confidence in the Monroe Police Department.

    • Thinking about your interactions with the Monroe Police within the past 12 months, do you feel that you were treated fairly and respectfully?

    • How can Monroe Police officers better earn your trust?

    • How satisfied are you with the response time of Monroe police officers to a crime in progress?

    • When you see Monroe police officers patrolling your neighborhood when not responding to crime, how does that make you feel?

    • Community diversity refers to people of different ethnic and racial backgrounds, religions, values, and sexual orientations living together in one community. Compared to three years ago, how do you think the people who live in Monroe feel about diversity?

    • What concerns you the most in your neighborhood?