Monroe Police Department forms Community Police Officer Patrol unit

| 15 Mar 2018 | 03:44

— The Monroe Police Department has created a new unit called Community Police Officer Patrol as part of its continuing efforts to provide the residents and business owners in the Village of Monroe with the highest level of service.
"Community policing has always been a high priority of the Monroe Police Department," Monroe Police Chief David Conklin said. "But with the formation of this new unit, we can now develop and even closer relationship with the community and hopefully address any issues that may present,"
Car, bike and foot patrolsIn addition to vehicle patrols, CPOP officers will conduct bike patrols and foot patrols in the neighborhoods and downtown business areas in an effort to get to know the community better.
"Having officers on bikes and on foot, patrolling the neighborhoods and downtown business areas, makes them more accessible to the public," the chief said. "They will be more approachable and can develop even stronger relationships."
CPOP officers will also be patrolling the Heritage Trail as well as the bike path around the ponds.
CPOP officers will also be attending community events, such as after-school activities, homeowner association meetings, civic functions and activities in Smith's Clove Park.
'Making Monroe a safer place'"CPOP officers will also assist the department with our on-going efforts to meet with members from every neighborhood to help us address issues that are unique to their neighborhoods specifically," Conklin said. "Police and community members working together for a common goal: making Monroe a safer place to live."
Any group in the Village of Monroe that wishes to have a CPOP officer at their community event can contact Sgt. David Lee at 845-782-8644.