Monroe honors Martin Rosmarin

Monroe. A ceremony was held June 28, with a military raised in his honor on Millpond Parkway.

Monroe /
| 01 Jul 2024 | 02:43

On Friday, June 28, longtime Monroe resident Martin Rosmarin was honored by the village of Monroe for his military service. Rosmarin served in the United States Marine Corps from October 1943 to July 1946.

Along with Monroe Mayor Neil Dwyer, many friends, family and residents of Rosmarins Cottages came out to thank Rosmarin for his service. A military banner — part of the village’s Military Tribute Banner Program — was raised in his honor on Millpond Parkway next to the taxi/bus station.

John Anderson, a resident of Rosmarins Cottages, showed up with his trumpet and graced everyone with The Marine Corps Hymn.

Rosmarin first came to Monroe at the age of 17 in the summer of 1942 to help his father run their family business, “Rosmarins Cottages.” Now 99 ½ years old, Rosmarin says he still enjoys having the city folk come up in the summers and enjoy his property and what it has to offer. After the ceremony, Rosmarin treated everyone to an ice cream at Wally’s.