Monroe. Flagpole dedication at Rest Haven

Monroe /
| 15 Sep 2021 | 01:27

Rest Haven opened its doors to the local community to cement another important milestone in her restoration: the flagpole dedication.

The ceremony was performed by members of the American Legion Charter #488 with special assistance from local boy and girl scout members. Attendees gathered around the lawn were visually moved by the ceremony.

The ceremony also took time to pay tribute to the heroes of 9/11 and the 13 members of our military recently lost in Afghanistan.

Six people were named in the dedication, all individuals directly involved with the preservation of the Rest Haven and more specifically the flagpole.

Susan Salo, Preservation of Rest Haven, President 2021

James Nelson, Town of Monroe Historian

Joe Leggiere of JD Flagpole Inc.

Brian Thomas of BT Construction Inc.

Karl Diefenbach of Kode Electric Inc.

Timothy Babcock, retired Navel Officer

Formerly a home for the blind in Monroe, Rest Haven, Inc., is a historical building owned by HRR Corp. According to it’s web site: “Having been locked away for a long time, it is our goal to renovate the property to capture its original look while promoting its historical significance and the impact that inspirational American author and teacher Helen Keller had on the blind community who lived there.”

Its nearly 100 years since Rest Haven was built and almost five years to the day from when Tim Mitts purchased the property. The flagpole ceremony and dedication is one more step in the restoration of this historic property which hopes to someday open its doors.

- Sammie Finch