M-W Transportation names its buses of the month for October and November

| 28 Dec 2017 | 05:58

CENTRAL VALLEY — The Monroe-Woodbury Transportation has announced the drivers and routes they cover bringing students to and from school each day recognized as the district's School Buses of the month for October and November.
The district has long been known nationally and internationally for its transportation department. Part of this includes recognizing school bus drivers and their passengers for their approach to safety and civility.
OctoberThe buses of the month for October included:
• No. 490, Sapphire Elementary, driver Barbara McGinn.
"This bus was chosen because the students are very enthusiastic about being on the bus and listen very well to instructions," transportation official wrote in the press release detailing the selections. "They are very helpful to each other, too."
• No. 539, Monroe-Woodbury High School, driver Donna Francese.
"This bus was chosen because these students are well behaved and a pleasure to drive in the morning and afternoon," the department wrote.
• No. 570, BOCES, driver James Cordiero.
"This bus was chosen because they are kind and considerate, and always follow directions," the department wrote.
NovemberThe buses of the month for November included:
• No. 489, Pine Tree Elementary, driver Kim Davidson.
"This bus was chosen because our Pine Tree Students are kind, considerate and just well-mannered children," the department wrote. "It's great to reward great kids with bus of the month."
• No. 433, Sapphire Elementary, driver Vanessa Valentin.
"This bus was chosen because they have learned to always watch for my signal to cross and they always say please and thank you," the department wrote. "Our kids are awesome and I feel they have earned bus of the month."