Kelly Eskew announces her intentions to run for Orange County Clerk

Goshen. Orange County Clerk Annie Rabbitt, who is stepping down, says the Deputy County Clerk ‘is the best candidate for the job hands down.’

| 04 Feb 2021 | 01:58

Deputy Orange County Clerk Kelly Eskew formally announced her intentions to run for Orange County Clerk with a video released through her website – and social media accounts.

“Over the past seven years I have been proud to work on behalf of all Orange County residents,” Eskew said in her announcement. “Every day our team works creatively and passionately to improve services and solve problems and I believe I have the local and county experience needed to lead our team for many years to come.

“It is with this in mind, and with the support of my family, that I formally announce my candidacy,” she added.

Supervising 80 county employees, 11 departments

“In 2014, I asked Kelly to serve as my deputy because I knew what kind of worker she was as the Town of Crawford Clerk,” said Orange County Clerk Annie Rabbitt, who is stepping down. “I knew that Kelly would apply her skills and experience to serve all Orange County residents and over the past seven years she has done just that, supervising more than eighty county employees and managing eleven different departments. She is the best candidate for the job hands down and I am proud to give her my endorsement.”

Eskew started her career in local government in 1994 at Pine Bush in the Town of Crawford. Before long she was recruited to serve as the town’s elected tax collector. Developing the reputation as a hard worker with an ability to work in a team-setting, Eskew was encouraged by local community members to run for Town Clerk.

She served as Crawford Town Clerk from 2002 through 2013.

‘If you needed an answer ... ask Kelly’

“During her years of public service within the Town of Crawford, Kelly instituted a state-of-the-art Records Management Program, became a steward for the preservation of historical records and was the first line of defense for many issues facing town residents,” said Town of Crawford Supervisor Charlie Carnes. “If you needed an answer to your question all you had to do was ask Kelly and she and her team were there to help. Under her direction the Town of Crawford Clerk’s Office enjoyed a reputation of being service-driven, open and welcoming to all residents.”

“I have worked with Kelly Eskew at both the Town and County level and I am proud to support her,” said Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus. “Both as an elected Town Clerk and now as Deputy County Clerk, Kelly cares deeply about public service and it consistently shows.”

Eskew was elected Town of Crawford Councilwoman where she has been continuing to serve her hometown while also serving as deputy county clerk.

She also received the prestigious Leadership Orange Partnership Award recognizing exceptional leadership and devotion to Orange County in 2010.

Born and raised in Orange County

Eskew was born and raised in Orange County. She and her husband Alan have two children and three grandchildren. They live in the Town of Crawford.

“I don’t consider myself a politician,” said Eskew. “I am running for County Clerk because I love public service and I know our team can continue to have a positive impact on peoples lives. I look forward to working hard on the campaign trail and earning the votes of my fellow Orange County residents.”