‘Governor Cuomo must resign’

Politics. The chorus among state lawmakers - Brabenec, Schmitt, Skoufis and Martucci - for Cuomo to resign gets louder and louder.

Albany /
| 03 Mar 2021 | 10:36

    State lawmakers representing citizens who live in Chester, Goshen, Monroe, Palm Tree, Tuxedo, Woodbury and Warwick, as well as the chairman of the state Republican Committee, have issued statements regarding the growing number of charges and allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the three-term Democrat.

    Here are those statements:

    State Sen. James Skoufis, D-39

    “The past week has been a period of significant reflection for our state as we all, with gut-wrenching dismay, absorbed the allegations lodged by a number of women against the Governor. Lindsey Boylan’s, Charlotte Bennett’s and Anna Ruch’s experiences lay bare intolerable hostility, exhibited by a high level of detail, photographs, text messages, emails, journalistic vetting and the Governor’s non-denials. As subordinates to the Governor, the sexual harassment described by Lindsey and Charlotte is harrowing. The photo of Anna’s face, bearing unmistakable terror, is haunting.

    “For these reasons, I cannot in good conscience wait for a months-long inquiry by the Attorney General to run its course. I have seen sufficient evidence to conclude that, beyond a reasonable doubt, the Governor’s behavior represents a pattern of abuse that deems him unfit for office. Governor Cuomo must resign.

    “Some fellow Democrats have attempted to compare the current situation to former President Trump, arguing that if he did not face consequences, neither should Governor Cuomo. While dozens of women have come forward with sexual harassment allegations against former President Trump, he is not the standard by which we should be holding our leaders accountable. Putting aside the hypocrisy of many Republicans who were silent on the former President’s behavior, this moment calls for us to demand more and better of ourselves.

    “The Governor’s refusal to appear before the public over this past week lends further credibility to the allegations brought forward by the three women - and counting. At a time when our state is demanding answers and accountability, we are instead met with attempts to unduly influence an investigation and, otherwise, silence. Distressingly, the silence speaks volumes.

    “A dark cloud hangs over our Capitol, the likes of which makes it extraordinarily difficult for the Legislature to move forward with the essential work at hand. Of equal importance, the women of this state - both current and future - demand a Governor who respects them and leaders who hold him accountable when he does not.”

    State Sen. Mike Martucci, R-42

    “After the initial allegation of predatory sexual behavior against the Governor, I called for an independent investigation. The Governor had denied the allegation and only a thorough and independent investigation would determine the truth. Since then, two other accusers have bravely come forward.

    “Notably, the Governor has not denied that these incidents happened. Instead, he has offensively written his behavior off as being ‘playful.’ His tone-deaf statement on these accusations is in fact an admission of guilt. Had the Governor taken the sexual harassment course mandated by his own administration, he would know that the key issue is not the intent of the harasser but the perspective of the victim. In this case, all three survivors have been clear that they felt scared, offended, and overwhelmed by the Governor’s unwanted attention.

    “Given all of this, Governor Cuomo must resign immediately and put an end to this – the latest in a long line of embarrassing Albany scandals.”

    Assemblyman Karl Brabenec, R-98

    “The allegations against Gov. Cuomo are deeply concerning. We must withhold judgment until we have all of the facts, but this only adds to the growing number of scandals the governor is involved in. Gov. Cuomo has a well-known history of using his power and political position to intimidate and bully those around him. There needs to be an independent investigation of the situation, and if these allegations are true, he must resign and face real consequences for his actions.”

    Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, R-99

    “The multiple disturbing sexual harassment and assault allegations against Governor Andrew Cuomo are unacceptable. These serious credible allegations coupled with the ongoing COVID-19 nursing home death coverup crisis make it abundantly clear that the Governor is unable to adequately fulfill his duties on behalf of our state. Due to the weight of these numerous allegations and mounting criminal investigations and the information we currently have available it is clear for the good of New York Governor Cuomo must resign immediately.

    “All of the ongoing allegations implicating the current Governor must face swift independent investigation and accountability through the Attorney General’s office and U.S. Department of Justice.”

    New York State GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy

    “In 2018, Andrew Cuomo demanded then-Judge Kavanaugh submit to a lie detector test and said victims must be believed. We don’t need another one of his infamous whitewashed reports. These serious and disturbing allegations indicate a pattern of abuse that must be investigated outside of the governor’s reach. We have an independently elected AG for a reason - Attorney General Tish James needs to do her job.”

    New York State Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs

    “I urge all Democrats to unite in our determination to allow the Attorney General’s investigation to do the work we have called for, and then to do what is right, whatever the outcome. In the meantime, our state has a budget to complete, a pandemic to fight and the people’s work must continue.

    “... I contrast that with the calls from our Republican colleagues who, in the face of more than two dozen accusations from women against the head of their party, Donald Trump, sat in silence for more than five years - with not even a peep to be heard from any of them. While they may have just now discovered their moral compass, Republican leaders have absolutely no standing whatsoever to share their opinion on the current matter.”