'Gentle Cesarean section' option now available at St. Anthony Community Hospital

| 27 Feb 2018 | 01:30

WARWICK — St. Anthony Community Hospital in Warwick is now offering a new birth option known as a "gentle Cesarean section," or family-centered section, to mothers who require the procedure.
A gentle C-section mimics some of the essential components of natural childbirth by allowing the parents to watch their infant enter the world through a clear drape and encourages skin-to-skin bonding with the newborn while still in the operating room, hospital officials said.
This new process enhances the surgical experience by allowing the mother to be more part of the birth experience than a traditional C-section allows, according to hospital officials.
“A lot of mothers are disappointed if they are told they require a C-section, said Diane DeFreest, hospital maternity director. “They might feel as if they had missed out on a vital moment in their pregnancy experience by requiring a C-section. We are aiming to make this procedure feel more like a birth and less like a surgery.”
Officials suggest expectant mothers consult their obstetricians to see if this procedure is right for them.
To learn more, visit: http://www.stanthonycommunityhosp.org/birthingcenter.