David McFadden

Election. David McFadden has served as Tuxedo Park mayor for nine years.

| 09 Jun 2023 | 01:28

What makes you uniquely qualified for this position?

Having successfully led the village for nine years, I firmly believe that my experience, commitment, and unique bond with the community of residents and village employees qualify me to serve another term as mayor. In talking with the residents, they feel that their quality of life has improved under my leadership. We have flourished financially, with numerous achievements and positive developments to our credit.

What do you see as the mayor’s primary role?

I serve as the chief executive officer, overseeing the day-to-day operations of our vibrant community, and I work alongside an equally dedicated board of trustees. We act as policymakers with one goal -- working tirelessly toward improving Tuxedo Park.

What are the most pressing issues in the office you are seeking?

One of our village’s most pressing issues is finding sustainable funding for its extensive infrastructure maintenance and repair projects without sacrificing services. Safety and security will become a critical priority as the Town of Tuxedo Farms population grows with the influx of people from Tuxedo Farms and other nearby developments. Additionally, we must maintain a steady revenue stream to manage the village’s operations amid economic inflation effectively.

How do you plan to involve residents in the decision-making process?

Tuxedo Park is a close-knit community consisting of 330 homes and 13 apartments. Many residents actively participate in decision-making, offering valuable insights and expertise. However, it is important to recognize that some residents prefer to enjoy their time here, leaving the day-to-day work to others. This diversity of engagement and contribution enriches our community and allows us to leverage the strengths and talents of all our residents.

If you received a $1 million grant to use for the village any way you wanted, what would you want to do with it and why?

If I were fortunate enough to receive a $1 million grant, I would prioritize allocating a significant portion to a reserve fund designated explicitly for unanticipated infrastructure failures and the following emergency repairs. Increasing our reserve fund would serve as a crucial safeguard to ensure that we can swiftly address any unexpected challenges and maintain the integrity of our infrastructure. My second choice would be to pay down debt to strengthen our already positive S&P credit rating.

In conclusion, my continued commitment to Tuxedo Park and its residents and my proven track record of successful leadership make me the ideal candidate for another term as mayor. With village support, we can navigate the complexities of funding infrastructure, address the needs of our growing community, and ensure the long-term sustainability of our village.

Let us work towards a prosperous and harmonious future for Tuxedo Park. For these reasons, I humbly ask for your early vote by absentee ballot now or in person on election day, Tuesday, June 20, at the village hall from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.