Central Valley. The Monroe-Woodbury Buses of the Month for October 2021

| 29 Oct 2021 | 02:49

Each month, the Monroe-Woodbury Central District recognizes school buses where students demonstrate characteristics of a true Crusader: Respectful, compassionate and well-behaved.

Congratulations to October’s winners:

MW High School Bus #535

Bus Attendant Laura Wickware shares:

“Our students are exceptional. They follow instructions as well as all the safety rules. They show respect to their peers as well as the Driver and Attendant. It’s a pleasure having these students on the bus!”

Monroe-Woodbury Middle School Bus #506

Driver Laura Ippoliti says:

“The kids on my bus are great. They are very respectful to me and to each other. If they have a question, they ask nicely. They get on the bus and promptly go to their seats and keep the aisle clear. They follow all the bus safety rules. I call them my bus family and it is a privilege to drive them to and from school each day.”

North Main Bus #517

According to driver Ellen Ames:

“The children on my North Main route are great. They follow my instructions and all the bus safety rules. They sit in their assigned seats, they show respect for one another and, most importantly, they remain seated with their seat belts on. They are very well behaved.”