Celebrating Pat Mohr

Highland Mills. Traveling cellist Alex Prizgintas performed another tribute this past week.

| 25 May 2020 | 09:07

Pat Mohr is best known for her pen and ink drawings that capture scenes of the Town of Woodbury.

Perhaps you've seen her sketches in Jay’s Deli dining room, some of the town offices or Kassel Residential Services.

Pat has an amazing eye that captures the essence of small town and community. Her art isn’t simply limited to local scenes; the mint at West Point also employed her for some of their projects.

A dedicated teacher herself, Pat also took art lessons with noted artist John Gould at the Bethlehem Art Gallery in New Windsor. His artwork was often seen in the Saturday Evening Post. It was with him that she learned so many techniques that would develop and guide her work.

These days Pat struggles with Parkinson’s which restricts her ability to draw but not her ability to share, listen and enjoy the companionship of dear friends.

For Alex Prizgintas, he remembers that she knew about his passion for local history and gave him a wonderful treasure; a 1914 O&W Summer Guide.

“The summer guides produced by local railroads in the early 1900’s are wonderful rare resources that include timetables, hotel and lodging information, as well as other historical facts,” said Prizgintas, who is an avid collector of Orange County relics. “I was always deeply interested in local history and I’ve been so fortunate to have friends like Pat who support and encourage that passion.”

Prizgintas is dedicating part of his time this summer performing mini-concerts for those who might have difficulty getting out and around, especially now with social distancing.

“I’m currently working with one senior resident center to see if I can broadcast live via internet a performance for their residents," Prizgintas added. "This will allow me the opportunity to talk and perform in a personal manner creating more of a visit rather than a recorded concert.”