A community that nevers forget

Monroe. Monroe pauses to remember those who died 19 years ago on Sept. 11.

| 13 Sep 2020 | 03:41

On a beautiful September evening, Monroe held a Community Service of Remembrance in honor of the victims of the 911 terrorist attacks at the 911 Memorial on Route 17M by the Mill Ponds.

After the presentation of the colors by members of police, fire and Boy Scouts, members of the police, fire and ambulance corps placed three memorial wreaths at the village monument.

Village Mayor Neil Dwyer led the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by Rev. Wendy Paige’s moving rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner.”

After Dwyer’s opening remarks, Anya Quinn’s beautiful voice led the crowd in the singing of “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee.” The Rev. David Rider then offered the Prayer of Intercession.

In an emotional moment, Monroe Town Supervisor Anthony Cardone read the names of those Monroe friends, family members and neighbors who died this day 19 years earlier.

Michael Asher

Matthew Barnes

Thomas Dowd

Kenneth Marino

Edward Mazzella Jr.

Lynne Irene Morris

Michael Montesi

And after Cardone voiced each name, Monroe Police Sgt. Douglas Krauss lit a memorial candle and Fire Chief John Scherne rung the bell. American Legion Post 488 provided a mournful version of “Taps.”

The Rev. Elijah Ogunyemi offered scripture followed by Sheila Ornstein who read Kaddish, Hymn of Praise. The voice of the Rev. Wendy Paige then rose in the spiritual, “Amazing Grace.”

Rabbi Roger Lerner and the Rev Jeffrey Boucher led the Litany of Remembrance and Rabbi Pesach Burston read the Unison Prayer.

The Rev. Maria Jones read the heart-felt 9/11 Memorial Poem, ‘If They Could Speak,” by Rosanne Pellicane. The poem begins:

“Please don’t be afraid. Yes, life is different now but remember when it was beautiful? Well, it will be again, though not the same.”

Anya Quinn returned to close the ceremony, leading the crowed in singing “America the Beautiful.”

The words on the 911 memorial read: “Our hearts and minds are one. We shall not forget.”